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Posted by | Jun,08 2014

If we were to measure the power of a particular medium to produce sales for you on a 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being the most powerful of all, there are only two mediums that rank at #10:

1. Word of mouth from a friend (pretty much guarantees a sale)

2. Being at the top of the search engine results (pretty much guarantees lots of visitors)

The closest competitor to these, likely topping out at a maximum of 7,  would be properly targeted radio, tv or billboards, but even then it’s just stuff that points back to your website anyway (or should be).

You don’t have much control over #1 (other than being good to your clients), but you have lots of sway over #2.

CRITICAL POINT: Without a doubt the most important thing search engines are looking for from your visitors is ENGAGEMENT (getting people to actually interact with your site in some way).  I’ve already discussed a really awesome form of engagement HERE  in my post called THE SEO FORMula THAT DOESN’T FAIL. Here’s another one:

BAIT AND CLICK FOR LUV (from the search engines)!

Getting someone to click a link on your site takes them to another page (duh), which means they have gone beyond just your main page (duh), which means search engines are taking note of them going a bit deeper (aha!).  When search engines see clicks, they luv you a little bit more.

Click bait is what you’re looking for… finding something you know will generate clicks.  There’s lots of stuff that will instantly generate lots of clicks (ie: naked breasts), so the challenge is to find valuable bait (no offense to breasts intended, these are a few of my favorite things).  Find something highly interesting that immediately generates clicks, and also, when they arrive, provides something valuable so they don’t feel bait and switched.  Bait and click is ok – bait and switch is not.

Try this: go to AOL.COM and read through that page… do you best not to click anything on the page at all. The web folks at AOL.com are MASTERS at making people want to click things. You must learn how to do this on your site as well…how to write headlines and story captions that make people so crazy to click, that your engagement numbers make the search engines luv you.

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