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Posted by | Jun,05 2014

Let me be very clear about this:  Google Adwords is amazing, and you need to include it as an integral piece your SEO strategy . If you’re not familiar with it, Google Adwords is the name of Google’s advertising program (you know: the ads you see above the search results). When done properly by someone keeping a sharp eye on your quality scores, it’s a great way to be at the top of the advertising results.

Having said that, it should be noted that being at the top of the PAID results is not the same thing as being at the top of the SEARCH results in general (the stuff everyone clicks below the paid results, also called Organic results).

CRITICAL POINT: It’s great to be at the top of the paid results, but THAT IS NOT THE TOP OF THE SEARCH RESULTS!   With a little money and some basic knowledge of Adwords, just about anyone can get you to the top of the paid results. But only a company that really knows what they are doing can get you to the top of the organic results, and the amount of clicks you get from the top of the paid results is a drop in the bucket (literally that puny) compared to how many clicks you get when you’re at the top of the organic results. (for some great tips on how to get the search engines to love you and put you higher in the organic results, check out my short post HERE).

Here’s the problem: many “SEO” organizations collect money from you each month for their services, which consists of collecting more money from you to pay Google for advertising so it appears as though you’re doing well. And because Adwords does indeed work, you’ll see form submissions and phone calls coming from your website. So far so good, right?  Sort of..

Remember the critical point? The amount of results that you’ll get from Adwords is good, but the results you get (read: phone calls and form submissions) from a properly optimized site that shows up high in the organic results is simply astounding by comparison.  This means that for their work their doing, you’re getting a trickle of leads from advertising, while your competition is vacuuming up tons and tons of organic leads right under your nose.

Lots of SEO companies perform this rather “FAKE SEO” and most clients don’t know the difference. They see leads rolling in and they assume the SEO company is doing their job, when in reality they’re just taking your money and handing the best leads to your competitors.

Look for a company that has both paid results AND organic results firmly planted in their wheel house. Both are critical and optimizing for both will supercharge the amount of leads you’re getting. We know Florida, we know Orlando, and we know SEO, both paid and organic. 

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