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Posted by | Jun,04 2014


Search engine and SEO optimizers usually fall into two categories: Those who charge under $200/month and don’t actually provide any measurable results for you and those who are $800+/month and are wonderful at what they do, but completely out of the range of the average small business owner. It’s why I started Ray Junior Marketing: We do SEO and marketing for small business at an amazing price and get great results for you from your website. It’s why we say: We turn websites into sales engines.

Doing this means we have to understand what search engines want so we can make them fall in love with you.  Because when they fall in love with you, they start telling more and more people about you, without you having to spend a penny on them (directly). 

Lots of people mistakenly think that search engines want your money. If so, then why is it there’s no charge to be at the top? You can’t pay your way there, you have to earn your way there. Search engines love money, but they want money from advertisers, not from SEO.

So what is it they are looking for from you?


CRITICAL POINT: Search engines want the search experience to be utterly magical for the average searcher. They accomplish this by doing their best to guess which websites will provide what the searcher is looking for IN ONE CLICK. So if someone visits your site via a search engine recommendation and immediately turns around and re-searches for the same thing, they know you likely weren’t relevant to what the searcher was looking for. And if this happens a lot it’s a safe bet you’ll be dropping in the rankings pretty quick.

So the real question IS NOT: “How do I get search engines to love me”.

The real question IS: “How do I get visitors to love me”.

There’s 100 plates that need to be spinning at all times, all day long, on your website for this to happen. A great place to start for some quick and easy starter tips is my new eBook: Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gunfight, The Top 3 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Producing,

Or call me right now and we’ll help you figure it out! 407-910-1408