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Posted by | Jun,04 2014

You have no idea how much your sales increase when you hit the top of Google until you actually get there and see what it’s like. I promise you, from business owner to business owner: it will be like a drug addiction… once you feel it, you’ll never go back.

Because we specialize in SEO and getting better results in the search engine rankings for small business owners, I’m always looking for the common trends that prevent success.

Perhaps the biggest mistake small business owners make in the world of SEO is completely missing the purpose of a website to begin with.  It’s not 1999 anymore and your website is not a brochure for potential clients. If you want to turn your website into a super charged SEO power house, then you need to convert it into a data collection monster.

Having cut my teeth on the internet as a provider of internet services from its public inception in the mid to late 90‘s, I’ve seen the internet morph 100 times, and each time I see the metamorphosis coming I push my clients to adapt immediately. Those who trusted me and  adopted my advice early by abandoning print (for the most part) and using their website as a brochure found themselves far ahead of their competition back then. But that was many moons ago.  Your site as a brochure is still important, but it can no longer be the primary purpose. 

The new primary purpose of your website, and everything you put on it must be: To turn your website into a data collection monster that convinces visitors to tell you who they are before leaving… on the very first visit! And if you’re not willing to play the SEO game that way, then you’re wasting your money on SEO (read my short blog called MAKING SEARCH ENGINES FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU and you’ll see why).

And I’m not just talking about adding a form, though this is usually the mechanism. Anyone can add a form to their site, but good luck getting anyone to fill it out. People hate filling out forms and giving out their private data.  I’m talking about adding a form that sizzles! One that people actually want to fill out! Setting things up in a way where they feel crazy if they leave your site without telling you they were there! And the more it happens, the more highly relevant you look to search engines. And the more relevant you look, the higher you go. 

Figuring out what to do to make people want to fill out a form is one of our specialities that took years to hone. The great news is that my new ebook, Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gunfight, The Top 3 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Producing, talks about this and has some amazing FREE tips on what to do! Click HERE to grab it right now! It’s a short and powerful read, you’re going to love it!

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