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Posted by | Jun,08 2014

Do you know what the most common phrase is that business owners hear today when they pick up the phone?

“Hi Sally, we can get you to the top of the search engines”.

Do you know what the best response is to this? 

“So what…?” [click]

You know why getting you to the top of the search engine doesn’t matter? Imagine someone sending you off to battle with thousands of bullets but no gun… that’s what it’s like when search engines send you lots of visitors and you aren’t prepared to receive them.

CRITICAL POINT: And just so we’re clear: just having a website doesn’t mean you’re prepared. If people come to your site and bounce back to the search engine quickly (called “bounce” rate), then you drop in the rankings anyway. You have to do more, much more, than just set up a good looking website. You MUST be able to predict what people are going to want when they arrive and give it to them before they even think about it (if your answer to this is: “I offer the types of products on my site that the type of people who visit my site are looking for”,  then you’re about to drop in the rankings).

You must convince them to fill out  a form by having an incredible offer on the main page they can’t resist (engagement).

You must convince them to click somewhere on the main page to help bolster your position with the search engines that people are going deeper than just your main page (more engagement).

So yes, getting to the top is important (of course), but ONLY if you’re ready to channel people the right way when they arrive. Otherwise, it’s bounce back city for you and your site.

We are really great at making sure you’re ready to receive what the search engines send you. Call us right now and we’ll personally look at your website and give you 2 great recommendations for changes you can make right now that will help better prepare your site for visitors! 407-910-1408

ps: HERE is another great idea to help prevent bounce backs!